Deckin' Around

#44 - Kevin Cantrell - Designer

December 21, 2020 Tyler and Steve Season 1 Episode 44
Deckin' Around
#44 - Kevin Cantrell - Designer
Show Notes

Kevin Cantrell is a name synonymous with elegant typography and design.  You may be familiar with his work for Theory11 or Art of Play, or you may know Kevin's work from projects with Nike, Putnam, and more!  Kevin is not only a brilliant designer and the head of Kevin Cantrell Studios, but he has created some of the most iconic decks in the modern playing card community.  Whether you love the Citizens deck from Theory 11 or the Standards playing cards and box set from Art of Play, Kevin's work usually ends up somewhere in the mix of first decks any new collector finds.  Join us for what will be an ENLIGHTENING episode of Deckin' Around as we talk playing cards, branding, design, and more more with Kevin!

Kevin Cantrell

Join us for Episode 44 of "Deckin' Around" with Tyler and Steve. 
Special Guest: Kevin Cantrell

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