Deckin' Around

#56 - Jason Maher - Magician

March 14, 2021 Tyler, Steve, and Jason Maher Season 1 Episode 56
Deckin' Around
#56 - Jason Maher - Magician
Show Notes
Jason Maher, also known as Street Magician Dude, is a magician , bull whip maker, TikTok Magician, and YouTuber from Australia.  With a down to earth, energetic style, Jason is a natural performer and loves to be on the street wowing spectators.  With a mix of old school favorites, with a twist, and new school magic, Jason brings amazing creativity to the magic scene! As a co-host of  The Magic Guys podcast, Jason loves bringing his down to earth attitude to important discussions impacting the magic community, as well as awesome entertainment!  This is one episode you don't want to miss!  Join us for what will be an AWESOME episode of Deckin' Around as we talk magic, bullwhips, lockdown and life with Jason!

Jason Maher

Join us for Episode 56 of "Deckin' Around" with Tyler and Steve. 
Special Guest: Jason Maher

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